Be Alone lyrics



Just know
That when you’re on your own, It only gets harder
U gotta move smarter
Just know
That when you all alone, your energy is larger, you gonna get farther

Just know
Just know
It ain’t wrong to be alone
X3 ( you don’t know, you don’t know)
Just know
Just know
It ain’t wrong to be alone

I got a bone to pick with loneliness, i chose my rib
On my phone but i’m thinking bout you on my lips
I gotta isolate cause they be plotting on my chips
I got tighten my grip, I gotta figure out which
Route is made in my fate, they tryna empty my plate
They tryna hang with the kid but they could never relate
Riding down the strip, take a little out the zip
Better hold your tongue with me
Better read the f**king script
Do you get the f**king gist?
Tired of acting like i’mgood, but I really feel like sh*t
Why I gotta feel like this?
Ain't nobody got me like me
I’mm a black girl tryna see the meaning of free
Let the kids shine they light
Protect the black girls
Let em wear whatever they want
Protect the black curl
Baby girl you girl you out of this world
Your voice is gonna be heard
I know they feeding you lies
But you can trust on my word

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