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"Handcuff ’Em (Remix)"

[88 keys]
Don't even play yourself
What you gave what I got
You haven't saved yourself (yourself)
For one minute
You say nothings been in it
Don't act like you were raised in a house
With nuns in it!
I'm not dumb nor timid to the women of the block!
Who be given up the crotch (crotch)
So we can have fun with it
This is a two way street
Even tho I bust my nut
You still got something to eat
Take yo ass to lotus(?)
In the meat packing district
You won't find a meat this thick
Deep in the jungle with you mac lipstick
I ain't lying when I say i-
"Want your number, What's your myspace page girl"

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,Yeah
Now holla if you ever been placed in handcuffs
Not on me but I put em on her tho
Now holla if you ever been placed in handcuffs

I'm like- un-huh
See my story a little different tho
Check it
Even on the internet she was a site to see
Thought she was a perfect match she enlighten
I be like "Ay, thats my wifey to be and i'mma
Peek at whatever she ain't like me to see ok?"
After I seen what she can do with her throat
I turned the red light on
My lady I told her I can't let you-
Cuz you drive me so crazy
Pulled out the cuffs the first time in my life
Over to the left so I can read you your rights
I take her to the club but I can cuff her all night
Dude's tryna holla I'm like "get off of my wife"
She said "you too uptight"
I'm like "......"
Haha, Now ain't that something?
Got the key to her heart but I'm still handcuffin

Now holla if you ever been placed in handcuffs
(in handcuffs,in handcuffs)

So yeah then Adam let me know, Like he got home from the bar
Old girl in his bed, he's in the bathroom, Giving his di*k
Pep talk, he's like "Stay up come on we can do this", he like
"I got this girl, shes in my bed she's bangin I can't believe it."
But Adam definitely didn't want his di*k to go down

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