Its the nineties and im not ok lyrics

Teenage Disaster

Yeah, MC Teenage! Uh, demo tape, yeah let's go!

[Verse 1]
Hi my name is Teenage and I'm your local rapper
I got smack crack and opioids your parents are afraid of me
When I rap I bring hilarity my friends think I'm funny
They are not aware of the sadness that is ----

f**k that sh*t bring it back lil b*t*h
I got drugs so good so bad you'll get a heart attack
Rappin' is my past time, hope to be my full time

Chika chika who chika this chika b*t*h
I got chicks up in my whip come inside come inside please
90s, what a f**kin' time to live, I can't pay my rent, I can't get a job
I'm like damn b*t*h I wanna be famous, knife to my throat got steel and it's stainless
Painless, hope that I can do it quick, no my moms ain't home, hope That b*t*h don't find me, 90's

[Verse 2]
I ain't sick, why can't I sleep, starting to think I smoked too much weed
I can't cry no more my chest feels hollow, what's the f**kin' deal when I drink I can't swallow

Watching tv, adhd, feelin' sickly, take a walk
See my friends die, when its night time, say my goodbyes, and kiss the barrel

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