"Schoolastic Book Fair"

Yeah, yeah
Alright guys, I produced this one myself and I think I'm really feeling it
This is the first song

Ay, pull up to the Scholastic Book Fair
There's such a wide selection, there's so many books there
I said pull up to the Scholastic Book Fair
There's so many books there

[Verse 1]
The richest girl, I almost have to hate her
She was walkin' out with like seven chocolate calculators
The rich boy's dad is a lawyer
He just walked out with like ten finger pointers
And I'm jealous..
I'm jealous... of him..
Just a little...

[Verse 2]
Ay, got some money and I know exactly how to spend it
Buy every book with the word Minecraft in it
Now I got so many but with no way to sort them
But my personal favorite is the Red Stone tutorial
Books so fancy, feel like they're written with a quill feather
Sitting on the benches chillin' reading Guinness World Records
Attract elementary schoolers like a magnet
With my phone eraser
You already know I have it
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