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New Edition


[Ben E. King sample]

[Verse 1: Ralph Tresvant]
Lookin' for that perfect honey
You'll find only in a dream
I searched around and still can't find her
I guess my wants are too extreme
Turned around, she caught my eye
Tell me am I seeing things
Just might be imagination
Goes insane and hauntin' me

[Chorus: Ralph, Johnny Gill & (New Edition)]
This woman (Supernatural)
The way she looks (Supernatural)
The way she moves her body (Supernatural)
Everything about this honey is so supernatural


[Verse 2: Ralph]
As I watch her move in closer
Perfect beauty she exceeds
Never question Mother Nature
She's an angel without wings
Nervous tension fills my body
I reach out to hold her hand
Tried to grab, can't get a handle
The girl is gone, she was never here

[Chorus: Ralph, Ricky Bell, Johnny & (New Edition)]
This woman, yeah (Supernatural)
The way she looks, uh-huh (Supernatural)
The way she moves her body (Supernatural)
Something about that woman that makes me feel so good
The way she looks (Supernatural)
Supernatural, baby, yeah (Supernatural)
Everything about this honey is so supernatural

[Rap: Michael Bivins & Ronnie DeVoe]
I'm tired of this cloud taking over me
Invisible thoughts, are they controlling me?
Naw, that's a corny way of thinking
Take two beats out to rethink

I'm taking heed to my dream 'cause it's kind of extreme
Yo, Ron, help me out, you know what I mean?
Yeah, Biv, it's not that deep
Come roll with me and put that ghost to sleep

[Bridge: Ricky, Johnny, Ralph & (New Edition)]
(I can't hate) How she's possessing me
(Unearthly) She's metaphysical, super beautiful
(Seeing things) Might be imagination
(Haunting me) ‘Cause everything about this honey I love

[Chorus: Johnny & (New Edition)]
(Supernatural) The way that she moves, mmm
(Supernatural) There's no doubt about it, yeah, yeah
(Supernatural) Oh, I know Heaven must have sent you from above
(Supernatural) Yeah
(Supernatural) Ooh-hoo-hoo-ooh...
(Supernatural) Say, baby, say, baby
If I'm dreamin', if I'm dreamin' please don't wake me up, yeah
(Supernatural) See, I just wanna keep dreamin'
(Supernatural) Everything I want in a woman
(Supernatural) And I love her, and I love her, and I love...

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