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Die Antwoord


[Interlude: Yolandi & Ninja & (The Black Goat)]
Our band is called Die Antwoord and that means "The Answer"
The peoples from America, they say a little bit funny because they can't say it right
How do they say it? They say...
They say like "Die Antword", it sounds a bit f**king stupid actually
Die Antwoord, Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord
Ant-, Die Ant-, Ant-, like "c**t"
Then "woord": Die Antwoord

Say it properly
(Stupid mothaf**ka)

Bokkie, push play

[Verse: Yolandi & Ninja & (The Black Goat)]
DJ mothaf**kin MUGGS
The black goat
23, the black goat
(Brats, weirdos)
What do you say?
(Misfits, aliens)
Come play with me
(Orphans, outcasts)
(Freaks, rejects, black sheep)
The black goat
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