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Die Antwoord

"Die Antwoord responds to Eminem"

[Spoken Intro: Ninja & Yolandi]
Is it on?
Yo, Em, how you doing brah?
What's up, Eeminem?
Oh my God, sorry we haven't hit you back in a second, dude, but, we just heard your new sh*t
Ha, sounds like you miss us
You're so funny! Haha

[Verse: Ninja & Yolandi]
Dude, Yolandi's not my girl, brah
She's just my best friend who loves me (mhm)
Everybody knows Vissy dated Muggzy
Mad respect to my brother Muggz
Em, you slipping
You used to rap better on drugs (haha)
Motherf**ker, I'm old and I'm ugly (uh)
But these kids don't give a f**k 'cos they love me (yeah)
We bred these kids, Em, they ain't giving no f**ks (mhm)
But they not feeling your rhymes or your botox (haha)
Or that base on your face with the Photoshop
I heard Neil Blomkamp's remaking Robocop
Brah, watch this South African
Put that cool sh*t from Detroit back on the map again

You went out like Michael Jordan, damn
Retired as a God and came back as a man
Pff, nobody raw like me, E-M-I-N-E-M-R-I-P
R-I-P, R-I-P, E-M-I-N-E-M-R-I-P
Finish him, fatality
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