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[Verse 1]
I'm just so tired of life
I know it can be a b*t*h
Can't wait till I'm rich
I'll still be bored as sh*t
But I'll keep my screws on a hinge
I'm finding myself
I got a gun on a shelf
Well luckily just to protect
Safety is checked
Looking all over the place
I'm paranoid, I need some space
Please get away

[Verse 2]
Then I head back to the spot
Now it's like twelve on the dot
Feeling me rot
I'm tryna get me some sleep
Never mind no I am not
Rest to the laptop
What the f**k's wrong with my head?
Why can't I stay in the bed?
Like this is like ten
I wouldn't go to no end
Where will I go, it depends
Yeah it depends
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