Final Fuse lyrics

21 Pence

Yeah, I got my boy 21 pence
We about to bring this C.N.G
Fore you ask let me make some sense
This ain't an exam it's a PhD

Yeah we'll be killing those witches
Getting money rags to riches
All those who leave us with stitches
It's our time to shine b*t*hes
Mystic Mac back on the mic
Thought I was gone well dude sike
Back better than ever with the one and only
21 pence take over from hеre homie

21 pencе:
f**k a goth we jump on their heads
Break their boards like the ones on beds
Wear your brains under my boots
Ugly motherf**ker now you look cute
Head mashed with my fix of the day
Play with your guts, mold them clay
Come bite the apple, keep that doctor at ease
When I'm done with you nothing but grease

Yeah b*t*h run up on me I'll make you sh*t
Try touch me I'll smash yo f**king face prick
I'm last c**t you wanna confuse
I'll f**k you in the ass and pull the final fuse
Listened to your vibes it just ain't it
Those kinda rhymes belong in the pit
Like my trousers my mouth is coming loose
I'll f**k you in the ass and pull that final fuse

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