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Xanakin Skywok


Broke ass, b*tch ass
Motherf*ckin' simp ass
Walk-with-a-limp ass
But-you-ain’t-a-pimp ass

Damn son, where'd you find this?
Ay, Pokimane, lemme eat yo ass, b*tch (Brooo)
Agh, I hate Kevin
Oh, oh, oh
Uh (Hoe)
Oh, oh (Oh)
Hoe (Oh)
Oh, hoe, oh, oh
Hoe, hoe (Yo)

[Verse 1]
Broke ass, b*tch ass
Motherf*ckin' simp ass (What)
Walk-with-a-limp ass
But-you-ain’t-a-pimp ass (Ooh)
Jit ass mo'f*ckin' n*gga
Call-a-Lyft ass (b*tch)
You-smoke-crack-with-the-mo'f*ckin'-kids ass
I got drip like a n*gga on a jetski (Yo)
Test me, choppa got the kick like Messi (Oh)
Ten piece giving me the top, call her head peace (Oh oh oh oh)
Neck peace, real ass hippie in the bed sheets (Oh)
b*tch, I’m Bob Ross, I be posted in the paint (What)
With the mo'f*ckin' spray
That’s a choppa wit a blade (Bang)
Smackdown n*gga, I'ma make you feel the pain (The pain)
Westside n*gga, got them b*tches with the braids
Booty shake hoes got her booty on my brain (Brain)
Kuji with the scope you a goofie with a cape (Ooh)
If you really with a case do the dash, I’m David Blaine (Oh oh oh oh)
Brief case n*gga you be begging for a raise (Uh)

Ay, come into my home
I’m blastin' you up in yo dome (Oh)
Disco head ass b*tch
Suckin' me under the globe (G-Globe)
sh*t, she wanna stay
E.T., her I’ll phone her home (Home)
Call me Al Capone
Crack cocaine is on her loaf (Loaf, loaf)

b*tch got class like she drive Mercedes
Benz with the Louie V. fit, says she’ll date me
Nut in her afro, stuck in the Eighties
Her crack free but for my crack, pay me

[Verse 2]
I sell crack so the crack gon' save me (Save me)
Crack his head with the crack pipe baby (Baby)
Suck my di*k while she f*ck me daily (Daily)
b*tch is crazy she want my baby (Yeah)
I be flexing this Glock in yo home (Uh)
b*tch ass n*gga really wanna be grown (Why)
I charge n*ggas to sing my songs (Cash)
I charge n*ggas to put them on (Uh)
I-I-Ice Age n*gga come feel this drip (Oh oh oh)
Stupid ass trick come suck this di*k (Yuh, yuh, uh uh)
All of these n*ggas they talking sh*t (Uh, uh, uh, uh)
You can get hit by this Nylon grip (Yo)

Oh, oh
Huh (Huh)
Huh huh
Yeah, 80's
b*tch, what (Wuh)
Ho ho ho
b*tch b*tch b*tch (Yeah)
Man, Amy Schumer is not funny, n*gga

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