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Xanakin Skywok

"Star Shoota"

[Intro: Xanakin Skywok]
Have you ever had a dream that, that you, um, you had
Xanakin Skywok
Yeah, yeah, b*t*h, ooh
Let's get this straight (Ha)
It's f**k Dominoes
It's all about Pizza Hut n***a
Ayy, Skywok

[Verse 1: Xanakin Skywok]
I'm popping these pills like a God damn grandpa (Uh)
I'm f**king this b*t*h at her God damn grandpa's (Oh)
I want all the fire, but this ain't no camp song (Nah)
My burner with PD, it burn 'cause it's a Samsung (Yeah)
I bled up a pu**y ass n***a, no tampon (Uh)
I flex with the tac, it's a tactical hand on (Oh)
She gave me a handjob
I told her to hang on (Yeah)
Most of these n***as
Don't know what to stand on
I'm a star ass n***a, I am the star shoota (Ayy)
Y'all n***as is losers, you stuck on computers
Your b*t*h is a nooter bop, she on a scooter
To come and just f**k me, I bump then I boot her
Her pu**y a juicer
My VVS looser
Your b*t*h was a eater, and now she a chooser
My thirty hit hard, and my forty hit sooner
Come and get this Glock
Come and get this thooter
Rolling out the whip
Come out with a cougar
f**king on b*t*h
I think she date a loser (Oh)
I think she with a goober
I think I saw him Uber (Woah)
To Weenie Hut Junior's
Then to f**king Boomer's (Uh)
Then to f**king Schumer's (Uh)
That fat ass b*t*h Amy (Uh)
She looking crazy
Crazy like Hades (Oh)
But dumb like a baby
She slop like some rabies
But she cannot
Date me (Uh)
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