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DJ Kay Slay

"Monster Muzik"

[Intro: Cam'Ron]
Word up Rector I wasn't gonna say it again? Word man it's all good
You don't gotta let us in your little sh*t, you got that
Keep that sh*t man, you could have it man, we good!!!!!!!! KILLA!!!!

[Verse One: Cam'Ron]
See you like to front (Word) me I like to stunt (True)
I go for it on fourth down you the type to punt (f**k that)
I go for the homerun, you the type to bunt

No support stay in court twice a month, light the blunt
D.A. flees and flies he breakin down them pizza pies
See my eyes, rolled up right now, I'm facin three to five (In Jersey)
Assault charge yeah granted, it was aggrevated
But you characters my character, won't assasinate it (Nope)
Huh! They had to hate it aggitated cash related (Cash related)
I tell your b*t*h grab my d**k, huh, now masterbate it
Don't catch feelings man, how she not feelin Cam?
And look her by the waist feelin like a ceilin fan (Crazy)
My girl Chanel should sell sh*t 'for Chanel kicks hell
Split turn down 50 mill, on my Chappelle sh*t
Get your ice wet, lay down that slight bet
Word my word heard you'll get curved like a Nike check

[Bridge: Vado]
CHECK!!! CHECK!!!! FLY!!!!
Aiyyo they call us the new Harlem Knights man!!!!
We like Richard Pryor and Eddie, three shots I'll take his whole team out!!!!
Arsenio ass n***as!!!!!!!
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