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DJ Kay Slay


[Intro - Raekwon & Prodigy]

[Rae] You know how it go. You know how it go
[Pro] Uh-huh, uh-huh
[Rae] There's many out there
Many duplicate faggots
[Pro] Check this sh*t, son
[Rae] No question. You know how it go, son
Ice Water, Ice Water

[Verse 1 - Prodigy]
Infinite gangsta sh*t, check it out
In-stoppable, in-touchable, you couldn't flex on me
If you was right next to me
And you wanted to (c'mon)
I take you f**kin' bullets - let's do this
P is deadly, he's just like his music
Come through like the Taliban unit
Catch me by myself, I'm only sayin' bullsh*t
I don't switch up, I won't change
You gonn' have to catch my body to sell my brain
An' that's simply the truth
n***as wanna flip on me, we makin' the news
And hopefully, I'll be makin' it home
But if not, it really makes me no difference, it's whatever, yo
Fear's not an option, man that sh*t is childish
Squeeze your gun, just make sure I'm finished
My style is Porsches and XL trucks
But my presence alone'll make the good girls f**k
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