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DJ Kay Slay

"In These Streets"

The sh*t don't stop, reaching out to Rush Blade
King Bo, Rob Cash, Leader, Truez, Kay Slay, Johnny King in the building
Let's go!

[Verse 1]
Just a six figure n***a, hundred thousand here
Shoes are bare, off hand, got a thousand pill
Never scared, now I play, stay blind, never fail
To a headmaster, with stripes to the get
K King I gotta ride like a turtle pipe
Throwing down swinging like a battle with a third strike
Think third type, imma beast, you a termite
Live your own, imma let go by the third night
You heard right, I turn up, like my pole toos
Got the blood jumping more than snoop
Had them old schools, f**ked your girl just to laugh about it
How you your face look, set her with the work
Like a video on Facebook, A straight crook
Pinky and the brain, my, I said I shine like a rollie
Yoo more like a Tommy, get the gauge before you brave with the heater
Don't go to war with full against the streetsweeper

[Verse 2]
Now I started off Queens ground
Mask around New York, all you godhead battles me now
I keep on cutting shooters on speed dial
Bad b*t*h is my plug for the mileage and the weed pounds
How you think that I'll be flossing hard
On the corner hand in hand like a crossing guard
You can't really compete, it's cause my words way better
I read and sell out quicker than Bucki Ali Mayweather
Look at the haters faces, on some mad sh*t
I never trust a n***a that i ain't never had a bad b*t*h
I've been through bars, revealing all my mental scars
Of they past they bring back stacks, like a rental clause
f**k tryna to be friends with these industry nerds
Tryna get my d**k sucking, f**k these industry birds
I'm still giving off that in these streets urge
Get lit and die trying, it's the industry purge
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