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DJ Kay Slay

"Big Gunz"

Crackin n***a?
Dub C what up, n***a?
Ready to ride, n***a?
You know I'm ready, n***a
Ready to ride, n***a?
What's up, Kay Slay?

[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]
Yo what's up, fam?
You know how we do this
Rep' your region, n***as
From the South, I got Bun B, Webbie, Lil Boosie
From the East, I got Papoose, Cashmere
From the West, I got Dub C, E A Ski
Let's go, man

We got guns, n***a
Let them n***as go, hold on

I got my sh*t when I was twelve
Post up on [??] start raisin' hell
Dropped out of school, fam, so I had to get my cash on
Got to jackin' mothaf**kas with no mask on
Trill young savage let you have it I'm the truth, b*t*h
I know you're strapped but you ain't gonna shoot sh*t
You ever step on my shoes, you must feel bullet proof
I'm shoot and blow your ass through the roof, b*t*h
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