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DJ Kay Slay

"Hater Proof"

[Chorus: MeetSims]
I'm hater proof, you should already know
I get respect everywhere that I go
Guess it's why them people hatin' for
Doin' good ain't never good where I'm from
Found out you gettin' paper, dough
Guess that's why them people hatin' for

[Verse 1: Moneybagg Yo]
Kay Slay, what's up?
Uh, Burberry scarf and some Timb boots
Bad b*t*h with me and she foreign too (Lil' bad b*t*h)
Pull up out the whip, hop out clutchin' (Clutch the forty)
Makin' wrist Icee, I'm a Slushie
My lil' n***a'll face a n***a (Buck)
DJ Kay Slay a n***a (Buck)
Broad day a n***a, clap
Ay bay bay a n***a (Blaow-blaow)
I climbed from the bottom, I found a way out (Found a way out)
You n***as the feds, pardon my layout
Y'all make me go a lil' harder
Ain't gon' lie, I'm startin' to like haters
Look, I'm Louied down, I'm a Freshman like a ninth grader
f**k her, put her out, no you can't, I spend the night later
She tryna get goosed
Stuck on me? I get some fly paper, uh
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