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DJ Kay Slay

"I Do This On the Regular"

[Verse 1]
Fresh outta jail, no comin' short
I gotta earn another purple heart
Straight to the kitchen, down to the nickel
I need 16, two and a quarter
Workin' my soldiers, playin' it smarter, no hand to hand, I ain't takin' orders
Do it like P, label QC, I'm tryna sign me a couple artists (Takeoff!)
AP's came, breadwinner gang, now the chain hang drippin' water
Molly boof thang, workin' blue flame, in my new thang, I'm retarded
Eat a pu**y, finger-lickin' chicken wing, give her dang-a-lang, she ain't walkin'
Then I slap d**k on lil' mama forehead, get some brain and never call her (Hello?)
No complainin' on it, it's a name for it, I ain't knowin' what to call it
I'm a real street n***a, I don't meet n***as, I don't feel like being bothered
You could be a king or a president, to Allah you are unimportant (Who are you?)
Had my heart broken by my partners, I'm a rich n***a with a problem

Talkin' money that's mandatory
Stayin' focused that's mandatory (Lets go!)
Bread lookin' like a sandwich on me
I do this here on the regular
Grindin' takin' over new cities
Cook boy with my lieutenants
Taaleem service every Wednesday
I do this here on the regular
Makin' ghusul yeah that's a holy shower
Read the masjid every Friday
Get fresh, only rock designer
I do this here on the regular
Sorry you not on the schedule
I do this here on the regular
Can't get in touch on the cellular
I do this here on the regular
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