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DJ Kay Slay

"Hip Hop Frontline"

[Chorus: Cee-Lo Green]
There is a warrior comin' (Frontline)
Kiss him, tell him you love him (Frontline)
Maybe he will die for nothin' (Frontline)
Might just go die for somethin' (Frontline)
And may God bless the dead (Frontline)
Flashed the way overhead (Frontline)
Here stands a faithful soldier (Frontline)
Until the war is over

[Verse 1: Grandmaster Melle Mel]
In the final days before the angels came to slay them dark demons
And faces from all nations embrace whores and heathens
And dawgs was supposed to be woke, was livin' in the past
We had lyrics that spoke through spirits and cut like glass
The warrior poets, part gladiator, part priest
Who came to contain the beast, to be the kings of the East
Solid gold mics on the thrones of the pharaohs
Who chose to oppose those with the stolen souls and the cold bone marrow
Stages covered in sweat of legends
And subway walls and project halls that foresaw the hip-hop armageddon
Blue versus red, street corners covered in lead
And littered with the bones of the unknown and the spiritually dead, yet
I came back again like I been here before
To slay all the devil's hoards over the lands and the shores
'Cause with this hand on my mic, I swore
To slay millions of more demons who were dead
And crossed through the devil's doors, we are at war
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