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DJ Kay Slay

"My Brother’s Keeper"

[Intro: Hussein]
Hussein, Jersey Block, braaaa

[Verse 1: Hussein]
Yeah, I pop up, top down, blaze a snapback
You look hungry, n***a, better raise your crack pack
The belly of the beast is empty, we starving
n***as got the history Messy Pete Marvin
Sleep bleak dreams, gotta waking up, chase them
These killers out here trying to get fear, so I'm replace them
My habit like a serial number, I'm defacing them
n***as lost their Grammy Award at third baseman
What's left in them, I'ma beat it out them
I rolled my first bamboo and broke the weed upon I beat it album
Have since when we ride, n***a
You prolly thuggin' in this small ass town, somewhere high n***a
The kids lost, they ain't lead them right
All these so called O.G.'s, ain't feedin' them right, aight?
Chop to cut them n***as down like a G-Top
But buckshot, feather that ass just like a peac*ck
Hot flame on legend, Jersey block
Russian roulette with my name on seven
The ugly caterpillar right before the butterfly
45 rocking to sleep, singing a lullaby

[Chorus: Hussein]
Everybody lookin' for changes, but ain't changin'
Young n***as lookin' for gangs, but ain't bangin'
Soft n***as lookin' for cops, and they tellin'
Sittin' down, ready to snitch, I mean yellin'
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