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DJ Kay Slay

"Pass The Mic"

[Verse 1: Bun B]
Well it's the man, not the myth, I’m the fact and not fiction
The gangsta orator with a trill ass diction
I'm built for business, cut on and signed
And I'm an underground king, so get that f**k out your mind
I’m not a joker, b*t*h, and you ain't Batman
But I'm a start robbin' when I pull out the gat, man
I don't play games, this ain't a playground
Recess is over, nap time, n***a, lay down
I stay down, even when I'm comin' up
If you do the math, you’ll see just what I’m summin' up
You call her wifey, but soon as I pick your woman up
I’m gettin' dome until her jaw start numbin' up
King of the trill, partner, no crown needed
Word is law, so when it's spoken, you heed it
The streets already know the sh*t that I’ma bring
UGK for life, n***a, rollin' with the Drama King

[Chorus: DJ Kay Slay]
Pass the mic to a real MC
Pass the mic to the real MCs
Pass the mic to a real MC
Pass the mic, pass the mic

[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Russian cuts vocals, might poke you, jokin' or not
Bling's on with the rope on my knot
Love fly sneaks, a creep who beast on it, go in the streets
See my bro, sure, I sleeps in the spot
Cast iron metal bezels, vest is on up in deckles
Hundred thousand locked when on rebels in the midst blow kisses at ya b*t*h, we rich, you know my style, n***a
More Shaolin in the mix
Canteens filled with Cîroc, holdin' my c*ck
All G sh*t, yeah, sky-colored Maybach
Drown every n***a who rhyme
Line 'em up, it be your downfall
We can thump it out or just brawl
Just my n***as 'gainst your n***as, call us ninjas, no members
Never lived to say I got rock
I'ma rap somethin', rappers be frontin'
'Til you catch him on the corner, out in the open
They all twat
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