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"Tetanus Shots"

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Ch-ch, check
I'm invincible, it’s principle, you all in class
I'm invisible, the critics never saw Young Ab
In the kitchen whippin', yeah I started from scratch
I ain’t pitch sh*t, I made a big shift
I kept giving gifts, now they all on my sack
b*tches only, homie, Soul ain't never been no fag
I mean, I know they tryna legalize gay marriage, and that's fine
But that ain't no bizness of mine
I'm more intuitive with ruin and sewer, which you was doin'
I mean, who really gon' be ready when the gods come back
Don't mean to scare you, just prepare you, where my n*ggas at
Where the hoes at, where the weed
Where the lean, where the extra pills, I really mean that
I see you median and your mode, it’s over
Take heath when you see the black

[Refrain: Ab-Soul]
Hit me (Soul), hit me
Put your pus*y in the cleaners b*tch

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Your b*tches mars and pen arguing with the following commoners
I be high as astronomers, when I’m blazin', and-
All your problems is always who was in charge of your b*tch
Who you the guardian over, confident lame sh*t, see-
I don’t care that you famous, 'cause I ain't scared if you gang
If you don't carry a stainless, your girl pus*y was Pangus
Stank and ancient, intain it
I’m a saint and amazing
f*ck in Topango, with coat hangers, I'm heinous b*tch
And I'm accurate on an adequate overly passionate rappers with half the establishment on my pinky finger
Buzzin' off two dozen bars, I give 'em stangers
You'll get it later, haha
b*tch I think I'm a legend, b*tch I think I'm a God
Blowin' smoke on these b*tches, suck my di*k through the fog
You a functioning puppet, b*tch you Kermit The Frog
Make another mil', [?] personal job
Spit retarded, and 50 ties in
Dumpin' ash in the studio, clean it with a Dyson
You eatin' steak, I'm eatin' bison
Take your girl's last name, with a hyphen
Me I'm just blowin' this chronic
All these others rappers they homoerotic
I love pus*y, so I don't leave a deposit
Put my plug right in her socket, watch it
But it's leaking out my faucet toxic
When you know it's not a option, stop it
You got it, you lost it, get off it

Take your pus*y to the cleaners
Put a dollar in the meter
They gon' clean their pus*y all day
They gon' clean their pus*y all day
Put your pus*y on the cleaners b*tch

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