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Current 93

"The Seven Seals Are Revealed At The End Of Time As Seven Bows: The BloodBow, The p*ssBow, The PainBow, The FamineBow, The DeathBow, The AngerBow, The HohohoBow"

The Seven Seals are Revealed at the End of Time as Seven Bows:
I. The Bloodbow
II. The p*ssbow
III The Painbow
IV. The Faminebow
V. The Deathbow
VI. The Angerbow
VII. The Hohohobow

THEN the morning after
A time and a time and a time
And a time and a time and a time
And a time
And all shall be well or not
As the bluegreenbrown world is drenched with horsegore
The redseas are covered with horsehair
The ThreeGod arises
As a sign of Betrayal
His? Ours?

A vast Bloodbow covers the skies
One dips into a broken bowl
Full of sadness
The other into seven hundred children with horses' heads
In different stages of decomposition
Across the Bloodbow a hundred thousand
Betrayers are nailed and lost
To the sound of the mewling of eight million cats
All those who have betrayed humanity twist and turn

Step forward, if you can
Satan in many sc*m-coloured forms
If you have had ears better to have slain them
There on the war plain
Of your face
Hell is paved, despite the Balance
With tedium
Tedium and loss
Hell is where the steeds then betray the horsemen
And the horsemen betray their steeds
And and and and and and and and...

The Bloodbow begins to discolour
Streams of urine begin to gush
From the blackbending heavens and hells
That have circled everything so very quickly and quietly
The Redbloodbow gives birth to a Ureabow
ThreeGod starts to weep
Then all the angels weep
Then all the demons weep
The stench of the universal uric acid
Fills all the worlds ever ever ever ever ever existing
The Bloodbow is replenished by a rain that ascends
From the bodies of the damned on earth
Huge clots of gore and blood and lymph rise up
Ripping through the flesh of the lost

The Bloodbow increases in size
And bubbles and seethes
Unable to take any more, just over the surface of the Earth
A thick plain of screaming congeals into the Pain
Pain, Pain, Pain, Painbow
Which hovers and turns above the soil
Alas, alas

A high pitched singing emerges
Bones, some gleaming teethy white
Some sh*t dust brown start to clatter from the Painbow
A ricketty arch is hesitantly built by the rothorsekids
From the bones and bones
Oh them dry bows
The Faminebow

"We are so hungry, so very hungry", they sigh
They die
Their hunger to be forever unassuaged
Their rotting bodies arise in clumps 'n' bits 'n' bobbins
Forming over the Bonebow
That is to say, the bubbling Faminebow
A new, special experience

A grotty rotty mass of children's and horses' grey flesh
Death in all its mumbling and dull colours
Step or crawl right up for the Deathbow
ThreeGod has been so angry with us all whilst this is happening
His frown fills up one million trillion universes
Or more if you please, or if you don't
His pursed lips fill up even more universes than His frown
As his anger grows as it descends his face
This immeasurable frown becomes the inverted Angerbow
An upsidedown 'U' that is constituted entirely of choler and spit
Pick 'n' mix
Stones and sticks 'n' 666
It makes me sick!

(Yet the stars and the moon and the sun
And the comets and the little birds
And the little lights
And the little animals that sing to God
God bless the little animals
And the little animals that scream to God
Please O Lord bless the little animals that weep and weep and weep
They are approaching the Greatbluegate of Death itself
Oh Lord hear me when I shout and shout and shout
My heart is almost empty)

Whilst the Gods play
We pass away
Anyhow, once I looked at the stars
And they were all blood
Over the Southern cross she arose
Red bloody red

(Then he sees, in his mercy, that the Worlds have all passed away
The frown passes, and ThreeGod starts to laugh
The farce is over, the wasted experiment over
And his jolly laugh becomes the HoHoHoBow
All the starres are dead now
And so we pass away)

As I think she was Luciferette and how she shined
Overthere in the west
Where alas she had begun to set
Dead children were singing
Out of my window beyond Mao Rao and Yao
What seems to be the sun over the arch of Beslam, shining
Louis Wain is there
I can see, if I stretch my eyes far and further
William Lawes dead dead dead on the plain
Dead, dead, dead
I fall to my knees and weep
And goodbye to You all
And goodbye to you all
Whilst the Gods play
Goodbye to you all

The Tower of Moad
My God, it does reach to heaven

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