Young Thug

"Believe It"

Let me talk to 'em

[Verse 1]
My lil' homie, he ain't worth a lick
I just keep him on my side for the silly sh*t
Hunnid thousand in my mouth, got me gigglin'
And you need a gun 'cause this rap game, I'm killin' it
Cut dope, resealin’ it
Cut throat, we killin' sh*t
All hunnids, half a mill' in it
Actavis with a pill in it
Free Unfunk, we appealin' it
Yeah, b*t*h, we appealin' it
Hundreds rounds on a draco, spray his pu**y ass way to the ceiling
Octane smellin' like chitlins
Got a bad b*t*h named Brittany
She hate when I go missin', but that come with pimpin'
Yeah, that come with rich sh*t
Yeah, that come with appealin'
Yeah, f**k my idol, but this coupe came with no ceilings
Bandana, all red
These all hundreds, you can spread
To these b*t*hes, I'ma act a sped
Then count perfectly like a ed
I'll fill my teachers up with that lead
Going in a purse like, "Who did that?"
Then look around like, "Who did what?"
Then come right home with a check, like bet
Yeah, we was gamblin' on the steps
Yeah, don't beg with me, you don't need no help
Yeah, took a sip of that water, Michael Phelps
Yeah, I was out my mind 'cause they didn't care
f**k Curly head, n***a
If that was a crime stopper, then you know we gotta pop him
If I catch the bird flu, then you know we gotta cop 'em
We don't know 'bout curfew, trap spot, we don't got a law
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