Young Thug

"Bad Bad Bad"

Wheezy outta here

[Chorus: Young Thug]
Rose gold seats on a f**kin' helicopter
Double C, no Chanel, 'cause she bad, bad, bad
Ridin' Kawasaki, and I could cop you a new 'Rari
Let you ride it, know your route and you're bad, bad, bad
No playin', no Atari, I won't play with you for nothin'
I can eat you like Hibachi 'cause you bad, bad, bad
I just took the doors off the 'Ghini, now I'm ridin'
And I'm slidin' in her sideways, now she call me her zaddy

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Rich n***a sh*t, I bought my thottie a new Patek
Got a model, got a thickie, got a BM, got a stallion
Got a billion dollar corporation, f**k a Xanny
I got millions to go get and a couple b*t*hes to–uh, yeah
You my dawg 'til we dead, not a question
But I can't f**k with you like I want 'cause you ratted
Got a million dollars in the wall, in the band'
And got it stepped-on, got it hard, got it crackin' on her
Half a million, I just did a warm up for half a million, uh, uh, mmm
I can buy the buildin'
I can rent this sh*t out or save it for the children
I can dead this sh*t out or give it to the villains
Somewhere they can hide when they do some killin'
All of the rides got grenade ceilings
Loaded with a ride, cost a cool million
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