Young Thug


[Intro: Gunna]
Wheezy outta here
Hot, hot, hot, hot
Hot, hot, hot, hot
Hot, hot, hot, hot
Hot, hot, hot, hot

[Chorus: Gunna]
Everything litty, I love when it's hot
Turned up the city, I broke off the notch
Got some more millis, I keep me a knot
I created history and made me a lot
He tried to diss me and ended on Fox
We call them chopsticks 'cause they gonna chop
Took her out of Follies 'cause her pu**y pop
I run it like Nike, we got it on lock

[Verse 1: Gunna]
Cartier eye
I'm the bossman in a suit but no tie
I can't be sober, I gotta stay high
Pour me some syrup in a Canada Dry
Ridin' in the spaceship like Bonnie and Clyde
Don't worry, baby, I keep me some fire

Shenenehs and Birkins, she cannot decide
The latest Mercedes her go-to surprise
Don't sleep on miss lady, her pu**y a prize
d**k in her back while I'm grippin' her sides
Bigger Maybach, this ain't regular size
We really fly, we like pelican glide
b*t*h, you ain't slick, I can tell the disguise
Upgraded my wrist, put baguettes in that Sky
She sing, I might sign her and change her whole life
I told her to gargle and work on her highs
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