Everyday* (Ft. Unfoonk)

Young Thug

[Chorus: Young Thug]
I can show you how to find love at the stop
I can show you how to find love at the club
I can show you how to find love in the story
Baby you can count my love like a star (Yeah, yeah)
Lil baby like to bust it in the car (Yeah)
She say she want the smoke like a cigar (Yeah, yeah)
Lil mamma want to do it in the car (Car)
Imma drink her like we at the bar yeah
Let's go away i'm tryna whip us up a vacation spend time everyday
Let's go to Haiti baby taking on a vacation
We like to keep it locked everyday, shop everyday, fludge everyday
f**k paying, making love everyday
Funzing away every single day

[Verse: Unfoonk]
Let's make love overseas so romantic
Wear that thight dress that i like with no panties
See i'm a street n***a, i'm a deep boy to the harm
Two face one tip they could never tare us apart
After one night baby please dont lie
If you here to stay here then never say goodbye
L-O-V-E its a good way to L-I-V-E
I'm a star baby rose gold for the patek
You're my heartbeat baby don't forget it

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