Make It Double* lyrics

Young Thug

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(We got London on the track)

[Rich Homie Quan]
Shawty [?] cuff, somebody buffed her (Woo)
Get your lil' sexy ass in that corner, you in trouble (Come here)
I wanna sip it, baby, I wanna make it double (What?)
You [?] callin' Thugger (Brrr)

[Young Thug]
I gave lil' mama twenty-five [?]
I wanna put a [?]
I want it even if she [?]
I wanna tie the knot and ain't talkin' tubes (Woo)
I gave the b*t*h a million bucks, said, "Go to school with it" (Woo)
She [?] my [?] so I don't wan' know [?] with me (What?)
We stick together even though I ain't got no glue with me (Woah)
I'm rich and ain't got no Jew with me (Woo)
Baby, stop bringin' hoes inside your house (Sheesh)
They arе not your friends, they just lookin' for a scout (Hee)
Same boy you'rе with [?] until it's a drought (Woo)
You know that they squeeze and they milkin' you, no cows (Squeeze)
I just bought a Porsche and it's five-hundred more horses (Skrrt)
Pockets fat like Norbit, money tall, but she my shorty

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