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GoonnCity and you can't get in
Nice job, Team

[Verse 1: Chach]
Flown way too low, nowhere else to go
Far away from home (See you, I must go)
Girl white like Co-Co, white no snow
And the pack burn slow, I can feel it in my bones
Cause' my vein bleed red, bloodied up my bed
[?], geeking off the meds
This ain't what I wanted, give 'em what they want instead
I don't wanna talk now, it's a total lockdown
b*tch, who let the dogs out?
SLOWSILVER, Bloodhounds
Sleep through the night, only time [?]
Wido pass it back, and I catch it yelling "Touchdown!"

[Verse 2: Wido]
Papers, rolling papers
Rolling loud on my sweater
You're a creep, you just chase her
Put that f*cker's head inside the basement
It seems like the cool guys are the special ones
Never backspace my life, I care 'bout everyone
I say it every month, but never keep it up
I always put some f*ckin' work in just to give it up

[Verse 3: p4rkr]
They asked if I care, but I don't care at all
Wanna put my fist inside this f*ckin' wall
Don't got a lot of time, my patience really small
You can catch me, 2AM, walking 'round the mall
And you can kill me if you want to
And if you hate me, then it's f*ck you
It isn't like I ever knew you
I'd rather die than f*cking trust you
Cause' all my days, they have been minimized
I'm almost certain that I'm gonna die
I live my life like I'm not civilized
Kill every piece, I'm always criticized

[Verse 4: Dolly]
How could you honestly tell me I'm not your f*cking prize
I'd rather burn my f*cking skin and bleach my f*cking eyes
You never really felt the same, but can I be surprised?
And it would really make your day, if I just tell my lies
It really would be, I forgot my f*ckin' purpose
And you wouldn't like it if I spit up, and I swerved it
And you wouldn't like it if I flip up all these f*ckin' braids
And I don't wanna live, and that's just how it is

[Verse 5: Midwxst]
Screaming Nova-Hound, getting hard to breathe
I can't seem to find you, no, I cannot see
Bleeding on designer, bleeding on my tee
Lying at your face, so you're dead to me
Got no plan, got nowhere to run
Walkin' outside, staring at the sun
Lost all my joy, nothing ever fun
No one to talk to, not anyone

[Verse 6: Kurtains]
Don't look at me, I'll make you bleed
I don't wanna know, all the sh*t that they say 'bout me
Talkin' hella fun, I'll make you scream
Aye, red, red, red, all over the f*ckin' clothes
Put, lead, lead, lead, all over your f*ckin' throat
I'm bleeding out, please help me (No, shut up)
They talk so much, but damn they crushed
Me and Wido on your block, came with a Glock, taking his ass
Ten racks, and I'll never go back
Hunnid, hunnid, put 'em all in the pack
Can't f*ck with me, I got tricks up my sleeve
Glock with a beam, [?], that's my team
SLOWSILVER, I'm with Wido, I'm with Quinn, I'm with Glaive
Talkin' bout some real red, red, okay
That's all they gonna f*ckin' see
When I hit 'em with that beam
Then I throw 'em in the stream

[Verse 7: Glaive]
Hi, what's up
Lately I've been f*cked up, I've been high and drunk
My therapist don't mean that, I should lighten up
My family doesn't trust me, cause' I lie to 'em
And like all these f*ckin' problems, they've been piling up
Yeah, my phone on Do-Not-Disturb
Swear if you keep texting me, then [?], you gon' get to us
My stats keep on getting better, your stats keep on getting worse
And all I do is dub these hoes, cause' I know that you're f*ckin' us

[Verse 8: blackwinterwells]
I'd rather die than to spend one moment with you
b*tch I've had enough running 'round in circles, f*ck you
Lately feelin' wired, powder tearing up my nose too
Wellsy lost her mind, Russian Roulette in the bathroom
Flex on your b*tch, serpent wrapped around my wrist
I'm the messenger, I'm here to tell you' you ain't really sh*t
This that Goonn and Nova tip, and you can't ever get in
Givin' up on all these rodents, rather glow up with my clique, yuh

[Verse 9: Braxton Knight]
Wait, I'm on element, I'm so lost
I gotta keep it together, at all costs
Point it at my head, you got one shot
But I'ma haunt you forever, like Sephiroth
Cursin' with my team, we was runnin' through them Catacombs
Oh no, you're scared alone
We pullin' up, you better get gone
My b*tch in all red, [?]
My heart's in all black, my soul is hollow
All this pain, I can't get it gone
To be wrong, you better go wrong, yeah
I ain't seen your [?] in the night time
Creepin' out the midnight, infrared is my sight
When we're all dead, would you be kind?
[?] broadline, I'm not OK, and that's fine

[Verse 10: Zootzie]
I was [?], and you ain't gon' do sh*t
b*tch I wanna f*ck, I'm tryna [?]
Thinking how she don't love me, can't get it through my thick head
Thinkin' I could fight [?], f*ck was I thinking?
She said, "Zootzie, you're my hero"
I said, "Nah b*tch, I'm not a hero"
That boy talkin' tough, turn him to a zero
That goes out to any of you, [?]

[Verse 11: Kite]
It gets boring, It gets boring
I don't know what to do
It feels like I've been walking, for days longing
Feels like I'm crawling, It's been so quiet
In my thoughts, I get it, louder than ever
Walking, flocking, through at night, it's been forever

[Verse 12: Kuru]
Yeah, [?]
She wanna hit me up, I don't really think she know me
I know you wanna flex, but really, you're a phony
Yeah, I hit it, from my [?], [?]
Yeah, how [?], we gon' pull up on you
Yeah, yeah, you b*tches be pus*y
All your bullsh*t, gettin' my Glock on
Yeah, [?] on my hip, and I think I might just drop 'em
Yeah, I'm smokin' on chronic pack and I think I might just nod off

[Verse 13: Killz]
It [?]
Convinced myself that I can live without it
But it's nothing but delusion
Crazy, always jumping to conclusions
Aye, wait a minute, b*tch, I'm posted with my bros
I make the pack disappear, where'd it go? (Go, go)
b*tch I came into the function with my strap, I'm on go
I am dressed in all black, can you tell I'm a ghost?

[Verse 14: Saturn]
I'ma drive a Double-Decker Bus, ridin' to the sun
To die by your side, oh, I spit on your grave f*ckin' twice
You let your girlfriend fight your fights
I'm not surprised, I got thirty in the ice tray, I could never lie
Now she grabbin' on my jacket, she telling me she shy
I know she cap, I saw her with another guy
I was never nice, I know I'm an as*h*le
It's your fault, ten toes on the ground in the asphalt
Waiting for Titanfall, I had to sit on the bleachers, wasn't my time to ball
And when I try to make a song I always slip and fall
It's not my fault that I don't know none of this sh*t at all
I guess it's time to fix my body with the medical
Loss of time and seeing no drops, I couldn't be upset at all

Fetch me their souls!

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