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"Blood Eagle"

[Verse 1: Virgil's Devil]
I'm at an art show
Askin' where my heart go?
Prolly with the lost souls
My house full of narcos
Paint train like Picasso
Baby girl I'm awful
Blow on my bathrobe
Eyes scan like a barcode
But I still got a blade pokin'
Through my pocket blood soakin'
Show me my opponent
Then he gettin' sliced up
Like a bag of the white stuff
I'm a drag I denie love
Yeah I know you all hate me
Yeah they smokin' garbage
LV in my luggage
Dish washing everything
Make me feel like I'm worth somethin'
But I know it's a facade boy
Lava girl I'm your Shark Boy
And she tears me apart boy
I'm in a drain and it's deadly
Cut my weed up with machete
Never start a fight coz it's petty
Eating Linguini, in Fiji
f**k Devil? You just wanna be me
I got no free time I don't have a TV
I be in the thrift store like a CD
I be on the internet like an MP3
Feel lost like a save file
Lacoste that's a wav. file
Sip Voss till I'm exiled
Broke boys hate, they can go back to 8 Mile
If they won't let up it's gon be a case file
Visit your suburb know you kids ain't vile
I'm a predator not a f**kin' pedophile
Yeah... I watch em run to their chopper
Tryna live in the snow but I don't sip vodka
They still sad go get yourself a foster
Don't wanna go to the woods I might see a monster
Throwing shade on my relationship
When you the first to snake a chick
You should be on TMZ you a walkin' magazine
All you do is gossip all I do is count cheese
Gettin' money isn't urgent
She was a serpent
Nicer on the suface
Count it like a scale
1, 2, 3, pounds in the mail
Baby sound like Dido
I'm a psycho
Smokin' on some Nitro
She asked if I'm doing well
How would I know?
Let's just do a line though
Yeah you got some laws man I just don't abide though
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