Turn Off the Lights lyrics

Ethan Jewell

Turn off the lights, please

Can you just turn off the lights
Hey, dear brain, why the hell are you doing this to me right now
I should be happy
So dear brain why
Just to see me cry for the sixth time so far this week
Make me feel weak
Men don't cry after all
The worst part about being tall is that no one can reach your heart
And the worst part about being good at faking a smile
Is that no one knows if you're really happy
Or if you're actually torn apart
I'll deny it though
You can even sit front row, go ahead and see what you'll catch
Because I already bled myself to the bonе
So let's all eat poison apples and
See who picks thе short stick in the death raffle
Or you can ask me how I am and I'll respond with a witty comment
I just won't commit to my feelings to confuse you
Confuse you until you leave me
I can't feel
I don't how know to deal with this
They say they care but I don't feel it
They don't mean it
I'm still alone despite all the people in this room
So I'll assume that I can see myself out
And I'll hide in the bushes until you think I'm a worm
I'll bury myself 6 feet in the dirt and make it permanent
Or should I get on my knees and repent so I can feel happy again
But if I'm on my knees begging for a smile, then I can't reach the lights

So would you just turn off the lights

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