Natural Disaster lyrics

Ethan Jewell

They say love is a natural disaster
A roller coaster that we just want to go faster
And they say love is a thunder storm of hope
And that we just slowly climb up the rope

And they say love is a tornado of emotions
Sometimes even a tsunami deep in the ocean
And they also say love is a mid spring hurricane
A whirl of fantasized emotions that drive me insane

So I take shelter under this thick concrete while the heavy rains went on above
The heavy rains of love
I took shelter because I didn't have the rations, the passions, the reactions to deal with it
And I didn't have the actions to seal in it
So I dug myself deep into the dirt
And allowed myself to give in to the hurt

I stand in this kitchen alone at 2:32 am
And I hear them laugh in the other room
And I think to myself where the hell did I go to where I can't feel anything but this gloom
So I assume to myself that I deserve this
I subdue my own thoughts and am selfish
I redo the last words that she said to me
And I renew the hurt that was put on me

Y'know, not understanding how to feel is a game
And I'm the best damn player in the world
So I take myself in a whirl as I paint out this mural
And it's a painting of my own internal battle
As I damage myself I'm taken off of the saddle and I walk the back path
I don't think I'm gonna last
So I take a drop of paint from my tears, and decide to paint my fears
And I paint the colorful remorse of my friends leaving me in my sleep
And I draw the pitiless feeling of not even trying as nothing will ever truly keep

And I allow the paint to dry as I cry
I allow the drawing to sit as I continue to feel like sh*t
The pen leaves my hands, and I become Leonardo Di'Vinci
If he was young and just wanted to feel edgy
And I become Picasso
If Picasso was sad and often felt alone
And I became Michelangelo
But as if he was pushed beyond his breaking point like the lead in his pencil
As he presses too hard on the desk that he hates, it's a utensil
Maybe if all these artists weren't great, weren't successful, had hate for themselves
And were lost in a lake of dead hope then I could be them
But girl, I lost my pen

And if I could, I would hold you in my arms one last time
And if I could, I would put us together like lemons and limes
If I could, I would find the love I'm seeking after
But remember what they say about love, it's a natural disaster

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