Breathe Again lyrics

Ethan Jewell

I was trapped and now I'm free
The door was locked, but I found the key
Crashing waves have kept me beneath my mental surface
But I'm coming back up, break the water and find my purpose
Because I can breathe again
I can obtain that happiness despite where I've been
Because sometimes, I got myself messed up beyond my belief
But that's just where we were, and I've found my relief

Because I can breathe again
I can come up from that water
Break the surface tension
Break my tension in my heart as I gasp for air
I can feel again, I can feel these things again
And I'm going to be okay, because I've survived the awful days
And I'll keep on pushing, keep on fighting
Spread the dark away with lighting
I'll make my own path from the dirt
Fight my demons right where they lurked

Because I can breathe again
The dark grimy water is out of my lungs
And I can speak again, a language of joyful tongues
Climb up this ladder, and damn right, I'll use every single rung
Because my heart is singing, my ears are ringing
But it's ringing of joy, a symphony of glee
Away from the dark, find myself, once again, I'll find me

I was in a pit, and I found my way out
I can do my own things, because I know what I'm about
Follow my dreams, and nobody can stop me
A pair of binoculars, only ahead I can see
Break free of the chain, dance in the rain
My smile can stomp the frown
This dark water can't keep me down
Because I can breathe again
Mom, dad
I can breathe again

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