Pills lyrics


I've got this gnawing emptiness hiding inside of me
So I swallow my vice and follow the advice of my friends and family

My mother says, "Pray to God"
My brother says, "Get a job"
My friends say, "Be happy
Pop some pills and then you'll see it all
Fade away, fade to grey"

I've been told that pills are sold
By devils out to steal your soul
I've been told if you're depressed
It's best to put your mind at rest
And pop some pills, you'll see
You'll be less stressed

And maybe it'd be great to medicate
To feel nothing at all, but
I'm too filled with self-hate to think that this isn't my fault
They say cast aside the sad and pain
Turn a few knobs in my brain
And be like what everyone
What everyone seems like

Am I sick? Or is the world sick?
Or are we both sick?
And I'm the wrong kind of sick to exist
Or maybe this is just a list
Of things that feel true when I feel like sh*t

My mother says, "Pray to God"
My brother says "Get a job"
My friends say "Be happy
Pop some pills and then you'll see
Your world fade to grey"

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