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Bart Baker

"FourFive Seconds (Parody)"

My jacket's open wide
My boobs are barely inside
I look like I'm on crack
That's Paul McCartney's back

He's like 87
They say he's a legend
He's 'bout four five minutes from dying
But Kanye and I keep him drunk and smiling
So he would do this dumb song all about wilding

What the hell does that word even mean?
Calm down Paul eat your pills

Woke up and took a crap
Grabbed a mic and recorded that
Then threw turkey noises in back
That's how I made this genius track

Ye your dance moves are embarrassing
They not half as bad as my singing
Isn't it weird we're all wearing denim?
No, it's not weird
'Cause this video's s'posed to look like an old Gap ad

Why is your face so drenched in sweat?
Kanye you look like you've been swimming
You'd sweat too if you had a wife
Like Kim Kardashian

What's that supposed to mean?

Why'd you bring your step dad along?
We thought this vid needed more women

Wait, are you my mom now?

b*tches this is my video
And you ain't gonna be in it!

I wish they wouldn't fight
They should control their rage
Oh but you think it's alright
To jump up at me onstage!

Yeah that's cuz you ain't no real artist!

I am a real artist

Hell no! Only real artist is me and Beyoncé!

Ya big head narcissist
I'm 'bout four five seconds from wildin'
You both have been saying that since the beginning
This song has been going on for like 3 minutes
So let's see it
Stop spitting this bullsh*t
And wild, you pussies!

You hit Paul's nurse and sent pills flyin'
Quick put them in his mouth before he gets violent
Too late why the hell am I on this set with Kanye West?
You'll pay for drugging me up Kanye
I'm 'bout to wild out!

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