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"Wood Floors"

[Verse 1: J'Von & Lido]
First off
My girl is fine
(my girl is fine)
I'm like baby, baby, baby
You make me feel like the world is mine
Type reacting singing with Michael Jackson
The girl is mine

Clock stoppin
Cause for you I make the world rewind

Thin waist, the curl is fine
And I can go like on and on about you (on and on)
But right now I have to go like on and on without you (on and on)
I see who you movin' with
I counter intuitive if it wasn't counter intuitive
Beat it out the frame girl
Skip singing nay songs
Trey Songz promise the neighbors know my name girl
But I'm not the same
And you not the same, girl
You been with them lames, girls
So now you just a lame girl
(You're just a lame girl)
Rick James, sick games, shift change
I switch lanes, girl
So much pleasure within so much pain, girl
But that's about it for you
And I'm seeing you
And I hope you believe it too, one
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