Money Shower lyrics

Dro Kenji

Lyrics From Snippet

Internet Money, b*t*h

We should have a party (Internet Money)
With a money shower-er-er
Had to bust her with my top down (Down)
The [?] her, yeah
I think we should have a party with a money shower
She's throwin' her ass in a perfect circle (Perfect circle)

I'm a young n***a so you know I'ma flex some
b*t*h, it's gettin' chilly, might I go up and get some?
She know I'm a star so she throwin' her neck in here
Two in the mornin', I'm comin' through just to wreck somе
Da-da-da-da, then it's back to the money, I had to lеt her know
She gone in the mornin'
Blowin' through these bands, life could never get boring
How the f**k they hatin' when they b*t*hes adore me?
Runnin' through these bands, I could never get bored, oh, oh-oh

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