Ready for War* lyrics

Dro Kenji

We ready for war
[?] get ready for war
Oh-oh, oh-oh

All n***as came once they ready for war
I'm in this foreign car, yeah
[?] by [?]
I be [?] off the [?]
She ride my wave like a shark
[?] n***a, your b*t*h is [?]
I smoke Biscotti by the pound
Like, I'm sorry, I know your name be gettin' around
Spark up, take flight, she not that far, let her [?] down
I'll be alright, gettin' money, f**kin' ho's, like, I'm so fly
Hop in my ride, tryna take my sh*t, get a bullet shower

I'm deep in that ho like I'm [?]
I'm f**kin' her [?] and I'm f**kin' her [?] out
I just been gettin' them racks
I fell in love with the money, don't think I can get enough
Oh, don't leave me here
f**kin' [?] static, get shot in your face
I got big racks on my hair
If you want [?] you finna get whacked
I'm gon' leave your money in here
I just want to meet at your party and that is a fact
I'm stackin' [?]

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