Stress* (Remix) lyrics

Dro Kenji

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[Intro: Dro Kenji]
Oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh
Census, what you cookin'?

[Chorus: Dro Kenji]
Don't you stress it, don't you stress us
Don't you stress anything about our love, lil' lady
I don't wanna worry again
When I do, I start to panic again and again
Never wanna trip about what should be mine
I could right my wrongs, I never see your calls
Never wanna trip about you every night
I got her stuck in my head and I feel like it's gon' last for life
I chose the lonely road
Countin' up this money until I'm in the ground
I chose the hard way out
Don't you run from all your feelings for long, they might pop out

[Verse 1: Dro Kenji]
Poppin' a Perc' and it's gettin' her loose
Pull up my Bentley convertible
[?] might [?] some [?]
FaceTime the shawty and hit her up, keepin' it [?]
I'm icy as hell, baguettes abo'nable
Stacking these [?] like some dominos, [?]
I topple down, I'm feelin' unstoppable
Countin' this money and sippin' on tropical

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