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"The Truth"

[Intro: E1, Rillz]
What you telling ‘em Rillz?
Out ‘ere man, you know, you know
Free smoke, free smoke
Free everyone
Free smoke, anyway
Ahh man
Aye, anyting grrrr
Anyting grrrr
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Ayy Rocky dis wavy

Beats by Lucas

[Verse 1: ZT]
Ordnance Road bro back that pole
Back that dotz on mole
Reinforcements on the farmbloom grove
Dotz out the window my man froze (pus*y)
Re*** done Usain Bolt
So I caught up and I chinged his bro (Wet him up)
So snatchy snatch them souls
He got free, MJ got close
You don't know about looking at your borer
And you know you’re gonna go do a drill
3 hours later, man bucked p**** and I filled him with stainless steel
Lets keep quiet little man dont squeel
Teeth on the rambo and the wings won’t heel
We got guns to confirm them kills
With teeth that'll go through a bulletproof shield
Dont lack in the night like skengs
Oh sh*t I just see feds
Really let the sight on hop that fence
Don't move right you will get left
If with a gun am aiming for heads
And with my 15 am aiming for chest
On the glide they aiming for legs
You ain't tell me we trying leave all of them dead
Crack dealer no hole dealer
N9-member we just gonna beat up
Get drenched up like Banghiza or get hit with the 9 milimiter
Shot range of a hundred meters
E1 faster so just keep up
Ill take charge with ZT just speed up
All this stuff watch a mandem...

Verse 2(E1)
Same way I act on road is the same way I was acting in jail
Them man bad for the girls do it for the clout tell storytells
Skengs got put in a coma, *** got sent to hell
ZT was popping them doors tryna get a man balled and got sent to jail
Reek on the wing boy he got that bill
We only take temporary L's
Fill it to the brim and go slap them shell
Why did chicken tryna cross the road
I do not know though ask me bro
Don't put a K on 3x3
They're cheeks f*cking neeks
How many cars do we smash in a week
And I swear on my life it was done by me
Kush on me, why did he freeze
The Arvy in the passenger seat
Screams "OFB!" then jump out, neeks
Like kenny I really do it live in the streets
I can never be like Martin
They gave him the book and he started talking
F no stallin cageous barking
Do it like anonymous, aim on target
Ay you know I had the rammy on me
Same way that they talk now the rammys on them
Heard my man live in the ends
Should have seen his face it was shocked and stressed
Don't stop when the knives all red
Watch my man drop when my arm extends

Verse 3(ROWDEY)

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