"​let it out"

My little bonsai planet

[Chorus: i9bonsai]
You're so fake, there's no way
That I'll ever come back now
You blame me when you did worse
I've been just tryna forgive
You'd let that happen and I still let you in my house
I know that we're both tryin', but I still gotta let it out

[Bridge: i9bonsai]
Lyin' to myself and lyin' to you
I gotta get out, I gotta get through
Oh, oh, oh

[Verse 1: i9bonsai]
Thoughts keep comin' to my head
Tryin' so hard to forget
Please don't make me regret
Doin' everything I said
I really thought I was on somethin' now
Don't wanna rot, now it's time to run from town
I've been stuck, now I'm bouta get it out
I don't know, what is this all about?
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