The Fight Song (Live) lyrics

Marilyn Manson

Are you as f**king tired of voting as I am you motherf**kers?
That didn't sound very convincing
I say f**k the left! f**k the right!
f**k college funds!
f**k taxes! f**k retirement!
f**k the homeless! f**k everything!
Oh yeah, and f**k the police too!
This next song is for every Dad that said you wouldn't grow up to be anything at all
This next song is for every teacher that said you were f**king stupid!
And this next song is for everyone that you f**ked that said you weren't going anywhere with your life
And this next goddamned song is for every priest that said you were going to hell!
So I want you to chant Fight! Fight! Fight!

Nothing suffocates you more than the passing of everyday human events
And isolation is the oxygen mask you make your children breath into survive
But I'm not a slave to a god, that doesn't exist
And I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a sh*t
And when we were good
Just closed your eyes
So when we are bad
We'll scar your mind
Fight, fight, fight, fight
Fight, fight, fight, fight

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