Pay Per View
Change the beat now and take one of those sounds out

[Allen Iverson]
Yo this is the answer
Its a dirty, dirty, dirty dance
If we don't get the money we want were locked out
That's why I run with them Harlem World n***as
And everybody I'm runnin' with is the highest paid in what we do
That's why this sh*t is Pay Per View

Verse One: Allen Iverson

The Answer do mad dirt
Won't hesitate to put in work
Verbal hair trigga
Whatchu up n***a
Lets see your figgas
Is this all you got in your little bank account?
Entrepre n***a bounce
Come back with a much larger amount
And I still stop your bank and what you got in it
As soon as I win it I spend it
In the Benz that's tinted
True balla
I f**k and you call her
I bust nuts and you spoil her
You know the game militant track race
F**k pretty
Put Murder back in front of MA$E and lets blaze this place
And ask your God do I owe yall like Semi
A.I, Betha in Miami
G's in our pockets
Pullin' out on these b*t*hes like tubs and crocket
Verse Two: Huddy Combs

When there is cheddar to get
Huddy be ready to spit
Thug from the past
Sold drugs by the slab
Use to transport coke through cabs
Like a fork to the hill
Until my n***a Black got killed
Talkin' guns
These n***as talk with ones
Stackin' chips, Harlem World lack no whips
I felt your pain b*t*h n***a shoot your brains
Four point six with MA$E that's four more chips
Four more dimes can give us head like four more times
I bound the four
All Out were down to ball
I popped a lot plus I'm on the drop the top
I doin' a six
My and OZ screwin' your b*t*h
My money in NY as long as this sh*t
That's why world wide strippers want to drool on the d**k
When I pop the shot I don't give a f**k who I hit
Huddy Combs, smoothest n***a to ever do all this sh*t

These motherf**kers smilin'
You know I'm the only n***a playin'
We ain't playin' withchu n***a
Yall n***as forgettin' my man is the same n***a who put Mike on skates
You tryin' to cross over
We don't fear nobody, no names, no man, no land
We go where we want, do what ever we want to do
We don't get the money we want were locked out
We don't need ten days contract n***as
Is you forgettin' n***as we don't walk on
We franchise sh*t
You know these n***as? (I don't know these n***as)
All in your face!
Verse Three: Mysonne

Hey yo I gave you a choice
Yall chose the ruff route
Little faggot a** n***as get duffed out
With black eyes, your lips all puffed out
In the alleyways screamin' with your guts out
You just entered a world you know nothing about
We put bricks in b*t*hes while you huff and pout
Steal dreams and politics frill teams
We probably have enough chips to build teams
And if there is no build promise its full of cream
Du-rags and wave spinnin' while I'm in my green
Its like that
You pu**y just like cat
I take your man and you wishin' he could fight back
But he can't cuz ny n***as is like crack
We take a hit and you better come right back
And kill you, I a**ure you its real boo
We in your hood for hoodies and steel too
And anything you n***as want we while do
And all you cats that real I feel you
Because I'm real too
Kill but I ill too
I had respect since I was young and still do
Ain't nothing changed I like nothin' but money and money
I might steal you with death to W Trout
Now I'm on the beat x4

Verse Four: MA$E

All the n***as that I'm runnin' with is live and low
Chippin' five for the smoke, got pounds of coke
You know my steez, n***a I die before I'm broke
Kill n***as mob style then wipe ???
You want beef with Murder n***a get the studded
Insulated turn back when spit the pellets
Not only do I do dirt I live to tell it
Leave body in the crib so kids can smell it
How you gon know how I feel?
Can't friend cuz most of them killed
And the other flipped over a deal
N***as clappin' in the air and that's supposed to be real
What happened to point blank run a hole in his grill
You got money to lose n***a bet against MA$E
I had lodi in Hawaii with measurement fish
Yall n***as is fish cake like I said on my tape
No matter who Puff sign it will never be MA$E
You know where I am
Know where I stand
I'm the only n***a tellin' this willie sh*t first hand
Got damn
I got sunblock on catchin' a light tan
Floatin' on blue water, lyin' on white sand
Get a hundred grand to spit
Fifty grand to use it
Fifty grand to clear and fifty to just reuse it
F**k makin' raps for the love of music
Have of them in you for a video and don't even included it B*T*H!