2017 BET Hip Hop Awards - Cypher 4
[Intro: 6LACK]
Welcome to the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher
I go by the name of 6LACK and I came with Little Simz, Mysonne, Axel Leon and the homie Tee Grizzley
Yo, DJ Premier, let's get it

[Verse 1: Little Simz]
Hey, posed at the north side of that London
Where fed there's always a pagan teeth
Look quiet, don't trust 'em
Where if you walk around with a chip on your shoulders
Tryna get lemon, couldn't get battered
You know it, where I come from
73 will get me from home to college and back
Winter will make me go from my home to college and back
Why? Ain't tryna be out in the cold like that
Boujee still, when this city grow like that?
Cute in hills, then a trackie for the road like that
All details, yeah, I can do both like that
I push my own set of wheels on the road like that
Sh*t, I'm actually a G, my friends, you know like that
Trust me, I'ma free up, I'm been moving and weaving
Now the gate in my ways, through the system, I seen museum
Everyone's got a purpose, everybody's a being
Being the only alien, y'all around me, I'm seeing
More than you can imagine, who'd of thought this would happen?
Teachers looked at me funny when I said I'd make it from rapping
Still got love for Miss Rosen, still got love for Miss Wilton
I don't f**k with Miss Chambers, she didn't do me no favours
Calling out all the agents, can't see beyond they nose
I kill sh*t then I kill sh*t, when sh*t's killed, I'm ghost
Don't wanna talk depressed, get them cameras out my face
I'm anti-social as f**k, lord, just need a smaller space, space
[Verse 2: Axel Leon]
Yo, I wanted them to say something for having but I'm p*ssed off
That I ain't take it serious then, and it took me this long
I p*ssed on everything I ain't doing number two long
What is you on? I'm heroine, I traveled here in a brick form
They turned on me, all ego, man
I had to start again from scratch like Preemo hands
Did more, Halle Berry in a Coogi, I'm a big storm
I rip y'all, you wack, off rip but it rip off
I almost quit sniff, quarter drip then I gripped on
We lit mom, I'm at the awards without a hit song
Think I said "kill it on BET"
Like don't be human, be an alien, be E.T
EBT? That's a TBT
Turn BET to Boriqua y TTV (Juice)
Leon, rappers don't got enough fire to show me
Young Jugo, y'all could call me five fire emoji
Put rappers in a pot, come and check if it's boiling
You put him feet first and push him 'til his neck in and boil it
Thirst 'til everything in your saving and checking is voided
Couldn't stone but he collect unemployment
Heard him almost threw up, sewer, doo doo like he grew up next to the toilet
I don't even put in effort, I spoil it
For everybody trying Leon on line they can't effin' avoid it
I ain't stop, already effin' destroyed it
We run rap from the jump, I'm KRS One to Capital Pun
That's when I promised Pun I would bring rap back to the Bronx
We catch him, let him go, put him back in the trunk
After the pump blast to the lung, they task in the trunk, mhm
Wrist said I'm big with it like a half a key
My neck chilly like I've never been to Applebee's
I'm the best, no offense to anyone that back with me
Bruh, they set you up before they put you after me, Jugo
[Verse 3: Mysonne]
Welcome to reality
I'm a fake rapper's rivalry, the leader of the cavalry
Young Huey P. with Big Meech mentality
The rap Kapernick with 2Pac's anatomy
I got 'em mad at me
'Cause I freed kids from the trap and put morals over salary
But they would rather me lie the way they lied to me
Have them in these streets dying, becoming casualties
But nah, I'm a whole different breed
Everybody following, I was sent to lead
I'm a soldier, when I bleed, I just lick the wound
No, you not a G, you got it misconstrued
You all on IG, lying to get views
You got these little kids dying, trying to listen to you
Or they sitting in prison instead of sitting in school
Because you told them play the game, didn't give them the rules
Won't you tell them to fix their plan just to lose
To all my young kings: don't ever listen to fools
Nah, I'm not hatin', just a little confused
How show 'em all the diamonds, never give 'em no jewels?
And if you're tired of the buffoonery
Follow me, I'll show you how to shine without jewelry
Show you how to grind and bought back to community
Bring black on black crime, back to black unity
If you a G, I know you see you and me
Gangster, but wow, ain't nothin' n***a can do with me
One man army, imagine if it was two of me
I swear next year Oprah gon' try to cougar me, huh
'Cause I did it on my own
I'm putting work, now I'm sitting on his throne
Crown me the same way that you do any king
I rather nail for something than just stand for anything
[Verse 4: Tee Grizzley]
At the cypher, I ain't write this, let it come from head
One rule amongst my gang, let's keep one in the head
They hatin' but they ain't gonna touch one of my dreads
After I gun at your head, boy I'm 'gon come for your mans
I'm from Detroit, where we run up through bandz
Cut up them grams and go dumb with them scams
You owe me some money, better run my bread
When mark jump out with that pump, you can't run it's sprayin'
They throw their beef over the gram, they feds
Can't even speak about my beef, they dead
Only time rappers start to act like my friend
Is when they in my city looking for protection, they scared
I can't eat without my dawgs, they fed
I can't really tell if they opps or they fans
I think that prison did somethin' to my head
I was locked up with somethin' this long strapped to my leg
I heard the trenches got a hero, it's about time
Hundred on my neck, I came a long way from Compton
Fifty on my wrist, I came a long way from child time
If I stacked up hundreds, it would stand about 5'9"
Ballin' on these boys like I'm Bron-Bron
Dunked that green side and that white side, Ha**an
Everywhere I go I'm strapped down like I rock climb
I would keep goin' but I ain't got time, hah

[Verse 5: 6LACK]
Around the time when Lil Wayne was on every hook
I was on my worm-tip, I was in every book
And T-Pain was killin' every remix he could smell
Them my homie did some sh*t and had to sit in the cell
So I focused on my music, chose my sentences well
Now my sentences sell, I don't censor them well
Connected to a higher power like I sit in a cell
Tower, this ain't rappin' while I'm splitting a cell
Okay, all my favourite rappers are washed up
And write the same song ten times, leave me star-struck
My president on crack, my exes is black like my name is
I ain't even 'posed to be famous
I heard 'em saying "Who they sayin', who be they?"
But they ain't never put the work in
Internet surfing, Instagram lurking, been waitin' on this moment since Tigger was in the basement
106 was poppin', Free looked amazing
Damn, that boy got a flow of a hunnid guns
She say "Baby, you a savage," I say "21, 21"
When I finish this verse, download my album
Take a chance on a rapper, you don't want no problems
Watched enough cyphers to know I need a gun bar
Somethin' 'bout an AR and how that thing is dumb tall
I'ma take it, I'ma swing it like a pendulum, dog
And your toupée ain't safe, so you better run, dog
It's a DMX flow, it's a we up next flow
They can't really handle bars, it's a BMX flow
I'm skippin' through this thing like I'm Snoop, what it do?
Atlanta got a star, boy, I'm the proof
Hip-hopped over the beat, hopscotched over the street
Top-notch, mispronounce my name and get pop-rocked
I come from the east, we hustle for a ten piece and split it with the game
It's FREE 6LACK and I'll be here until you know the name