"Pay No Mind (Snoozer) - MTV 120 Minutes Version"

It's one hundred- MTV's 120 Minutes, I'm Kim Deal of Sonic Youth, your guest host tonight, and now, with music from his soon-to-be released debut album, "Mellow Gold." Here's Beck performing a song

Thurston Moore:
Right on
*High Five*

[Verse 1]
Tonight, the city is totally lame
Everything's up-tight and perky
The shopping malls coming out of the walls
As we walk among the manure

I pay no mind
Pay no mind

[Verse 2]
Give the finger to the Rock-And-Roll singer
As he's dancing among your paycheck
The sales climb through the garbage, pale sky
Like a ghetto blaster crushing the sun

That's why
Pay no mind
Sleep in slime
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