Track 4
[Verse 1: Dyme-A-Duzin]
Equipped with ragin' hormones, to make ya whore moan
With more tricks to give her a tummy ache and sore bones
You should see from the last jump that I had
She jumped in my jag and couldn't walk straight for a month and a half
See with these broads I have not a bit of sympathy
Used to feint to get some it hit me like an epiphany
That they didn't wanna get with me till I flicked in the business
With the sickening on a stick of anything which they see
I walk through the streets flabbergasted
A trappin' hat in the summer, bashin' out infront of active traffic
Inspector gadget, whippin' it at warp speed
To make your boy old girl tease on this massive package
Im a modern day Michael Jackson
Kickin' iggas while spinnin' inside cyphers rappin'
Burnin' with your chick inside a cabin
Should be sobbin' dreamin' for semen but she wetter then a cytoplasm
My screws loose, I'm a huge coop
I be talkin' to myself and blamin' it on my bluetooth
Go head blame it on the goose boo
Cause I shut that tail down like Andropolous' youtube
Dyme is the man, fire in my hand
Fappin' to the jerk dance and Power Ranger pants
How dumb are you to think that you would've even stand a chance
You softer then a flower I'm devourin' ya man
I made the freshman but they kicked me out
Sent a self constructive message to double X and send it to biggies house
They keep asking what this kids about, I'm bout bustin' in ya chickens mouth
Im livin' in my mind, get me out, I'm about take my shit and bounce
[Verse 2: Capital STEEZ]
Excuse my supercillious nature
Pushin' the tape back is doing spitters a favor
Cause I was told that women would come with age
And bitches would come with fame
The difference is nothin' changed
I'm still on point as a syringe
But nowadays they just need an appointment to stick it in
I'm too in-depth for simpletons who care bout spinnin' rims
Cause I got a liquid pen to rip your skin
Side note, this is a suicide note
With the charm to help your girl reduce her dry throat
And if I wanted, I would use a sublime quote
Cause I lie, I cheat & I steal and I know
Did you just missed the irony of that
If that's the case then rewind the cd back
I erupt so violently on tracks
No facades, just because I must remind you people that
I am sick influenced by influenzas
Music removed the mucus, its fluid on every stanza
No vaccination, every track is contagious
So half of em have to hate it, the rest just look fascinated
But they all but end up with lesser clothes, no class
I just missed a lesson in self-control
See I made the freshman but they kicked me out
Brought out asher, just to bring it a different route
They keep asking what this kids about, 'bout makin' ya pigeon visit south
I'm livin' in my mind, get me out
& I'm bout to take my shit and bounce
[Verse 3: Elbie Thrie]
See recently I ain't been myself
Its more like I been somebody else
Somebody nasty, very very nasty
Here's a couple things that I did in the recent past b
Go outside get comfortable n take my vest off
Take out my BB Gun, and make a squirrel chest off
Take out my bigger gun and take a squirrel chest off
Go to the coop take A live chicken, cut his breast off
Think that's nasty? I molest dogs
Decapitate frogs
This ish is not a job its a hob
I do this shit for fun
Check out some other shit that I did recently son
I take a cat, I cut it in half
I take one half, I throw it up in the air
And while its up there, I take out my razor and start to shave it
I shave quick, kick it back up before it hit the pavement
They say I'm nasty just because of the way I do this
Whatever I do to animals best believe I do to humans
They keep askin' what this kids about, I like it when she eat my frank with sauerkraut
I'm livin' in my mind get me out, and Im about to take my ish and bounce!