That Chicken (Remix)
[Intro: Fabolous]
You already know what I'm here for
What you mean you don't got that?
Nah boy, I need all mine
Yo Dyme I had to man

[Chorus: Fabolous]
Lay a n***a down for that chicken
Spray a couple rounds for that chicken (ooh)
They don't play around for that chicken (oh no)
Run and you get found for that chicken
Utica Utica, St. John and Utica
Just get the baggies until they call you the plug
(For that chicken)
Same ones in the condo, same ones on the stoop with ya
Roll up the fronto, get higher than Jupiter

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
Twelve years a slave and then you blow up like you Lupita
Now that you ballin’ you see that they all wanna hoop with ya
Just me and my Warriors, all of my day ones are suited up
My Klay one will shoot at ya, my Draymond is brutal bruh
For that Iguodala, they make nigg*s holla
Take chains off your neck, they will pop nigg*'s collar
Just dig in your wallets or handle your problems
Young nigg*s wildin'
For that ticket, draw that blick in, door got kicked in
All that flickin', all that trickin', you the victim, for that chicken
If you scared go to mass, nigg*
Some masked nigg*s in the back and the passenger
Strapped, they don't want jack but the cash from ya
But they shoot with accuracy if you acting up
Blasphemy, how we praying for a come up
Tinted like shades in the summer
Totin' AK's with a drummer
Outraged when police slay our brothers
Next week on the same street, spraying with another nigg*
Stress that's on my mind, stress my sober mind
Though the hood is weak, we find good and speak in these textures of the times
Trace sketches for the blind, shit Webster don't define
If these record execs don't check for a n***a
For the check I'm loading mine, blow the nine


[Verse 2: Dyme-A-Duzin]
I be with them drug dealers, most of them gang bang
All of us real n***as, all in the same game
They movin that product, my music that product
Slang dope for that change mayne, like who is Obama?
On Utica, Utica your boo is on Utica
She hit my computer up, a few of them, few of us
Her chickens came through with her, ran through now
I'm through with her
Tell me how come all the flows be on dumb and they just getting stupider
Sheesh, switching lanes bih
Vintage frames bih
Rocking shit you never seen like it's plain shit
Been the man since lil' Donovan, took the dollar van down to Plaza fam
Got 'em staring like I never seen a Filipino goddess in the projects, damn
I remember bullets poppin outside the apartment us duckin' and dodging them
I don't remember last night, I was high off Klonopins and a lot 'Xans
Chopping grams with my Yardie mans
Popping mollies in the promised land
Reddish tints behind my Cartier's
Serving chickens out the carter, yeah

[Verse 3: Dyme-A-Duzin]
I don't know why, I feel so fried
My tears are dry, till I lose my high
Feeling like I got nobody
Wonder if I got the crew
They don't really got nobody
We don't really got nobody