Prince Ea
I Know Who Killed Hip Hop
(Coughs), this is who killed hip-hop, video log 2893
(Coughs), I'm sick, I think I've been poisoned
I've been researching this for too long, I think somebody's watching me
(Cough), but I finally have results

So many years tryna' figure it out, night after night, tryna' figure it out
Scribbling down equations, going crazy, thinking about who crippled the sound
Of hip-hop, it was breaking me down
Why'd it drop like a dip in the dow
Until now, I was living with doubt but I finished the trails and finally figured it out
See I was naive at first trying to explain stuff
Like maybe there's a reason they betrayed us
Maybe some wack rappers are really good rappers and went under cover to save us
You'd be surprised what I made up
Like maybe Sister Souljah is Soulja Boy with a shape up
And maybe Melle Mel, is really Waka Flocka, with some kind of Martin Lawrence make up?
Wake up to the day light, the best way to hide something is keep it in plain sight
And there was a break in the case, all this time you were right in my face
I should've known it was you from the start, you fooled everybody, it was you all along
Well I found your finger prints, now I got the evidence
To prove to the whole world, who you are
It was you behind every big rap beef
You killed Pimp C and B.E.T
You impregnated Kreayshawns Mom, and brainwashed Lupe to cosign Lil B
You forced Busta to sign with Young Money
And 2Pac to sign with Suge
You told Ice T he would win an Oscar if he starred in Leprechaun in the Hood
You pushed Lil Mama on that stage
You blackmailed Birdman to kiss Wayne
You kidnapped Ja Rule's career, and hid it in the same place as Young Berg's chains
You sold drugs to DMX, and gave Lugz to Funk Master Flex
You ghostwrite for Drake and send freestyle lyrics to his Black Berry
Via text
It was you who created the word swag, and took realness from our songs
You made the manufactured the hip-hop Illuminati to distract us from what's really going on
I figured you out, I finally caught you
So many years and I finally got you
It's about time that somebody stopped you
Now I can finally expose you
I'mma make sure the whole world knows you
Case closed, the criminal responsible for killing hip-hop
Is none other than...