Prince Ea
BET Hot 16
[Intro: Prince Ea]
What's good man, it's Prince Ea
It's BET Hot 16 man
What's up Just Blaze
Let me tell y'all something about the truth man, listen up
I said uhh, look

[Verse 1: Prince Ea]
I'm from the Lou, but I ain't never drove in Nelly's car
We in the hood man, we drinking out of jelly jars
No extra change, it's an ethnic shame
When that recession came, yo we had to sell it all
It hit us hard dawg, close thee accounts
I'm telling y'all hard, we almost foreclosed on the house
You can tell by my clothes what 'am bout
I ain't had a hair cut in years, I tell you that I'm growing it out
You know what 'am 'bout, devout with these Biblical concepts
Inside that reptilian complex
Everybody knew the Savior would arrive in that divine flesh
Just not a skinny Black kid from the projects
The prophecy's fulfilled, I'm here and I feel great
Am I nice? how, understand, never will they
That wasn't a question, instead it was a statement
Translated backwards, I just lapped you with the cadence
They hate this, they try to bock my shining
Man they used to laugh at me when I dropped the science
But they could never stop the grinding
They saw me on page 25 of Vibe and started apologizing
See I did it without glorifying violence
Without copping wheels and grills, without rocking diamonds
Without degrading women, without compromising naw
If that ain't true to yourself, somebody lying