Prince Ea
The prison of perfection
The condition state or quality of being free of all flaws
or defects.
I think the actual definition should be:
A ten letter work describing something that doesn't exist or,
Maybe straight-jacket.

See perfection, is a virus,
a tumor, a growth, it
infects the mind of who attaches itself to,
until it eventually, destroys the host.

I hate the very word perfection.
It has driven me crazy for years guided by fear,
I was constantly comparing my self to my peers,
stressing and striving to reach some idea that only existed,
in here.
Oh, you thought perfection was real?
Well, I disagree.
I mean, have you ever seen a perfect tree?
In real life have you ever gone into a forest and seen a perfect tree?
Nah see they all got a little something going on,
some lean this way some lean that way,
some have a little too much loss
and some got a whole bunch of bark that's been ripped off. . .
But somehow, they are all beautiful.
But when it comes to people we don't seem to see that we,
are all beautiful, in all of our expression.
So we dissect ourselves into pieces,
judging each other thinking perfection is something we can achieve, which leads us to feeling depleted and defeated but Salvador Dali's said it best:
"Have no fear of perfection because, you never reach it"

Ladies and gentleman, there are two doors in life.
Door number one: be perfect and be admired,
or door number two: be real, and be loved.
I say choose number two,
and choose it quick
because life's too short to try to live up to something that doesn't even exist, it makes no sense.
So please create your own unique expression,
color outside the lines,
be the pretzel that refuses to not,
be the marbel that doesn't quit roll right,
do the dance that nobody's ever seen before
and don't worry if people stop and stare.
I mean if the leaning tower of Pisa was straight,
nobody would care.

See when mistakes are made beauty is birthed.
You know why they call it the Model T?
Because that's how many letters it took for Henry Ford to get the darn car to work.
So don't worry about always being first and getting it right.
I mean Sony's very first product they ever made,
it cooked rice.
So embrace your mistakes, they are to be savored, failure is the condiment that gives success it's flavor, and true success is being yourself in a world that's constantly trying to make you someone else.

You know I was reading the other day, about a Japanese tradition called Kinsugi.
What they do is, if an object breaks they fill the cracks with pure gold because they believe that when something suffers damage and has a history, it is all the more beautiful.

So I say love your cracks. You may call it brokenness but it is the way your light will shine through,
and if you have no one in your corner,
then consider me your supporter and we will smile together,
as society tries to diagnose our gifts, as disorders.

You don't need to be a perfect person with perfect make up,
perfect skills or perfect build,
cause the truth is real people aren't perfect,
and perfect people aren't real.