Prince Ea
The Lyrical Grassman
Verse 1: Prince Ea

How you better than me and you can barely set up a line?
I write rhymes from 7 to 9 inside my impeccable mind
It'll take more than a second to find (you)
Cause you think a light-year is a measure of time
You better rewind, oh you ain't done yet?
It's like you a blind man and I'm trying to define a sunset
You dumb vex never get a chance to see it
Even if you could, you wouldn't understand the meaning
When the, man is speaking it's unique
Like the newly discovered DNA strands of Jesus
Like the hidden temples underneath the sands of Giza
I'mma take you on a trip to the land of Egypt
Maybe after that we can see Atlantis
Talk semantics in the underwater mansions
I apologize if I'm too pedantic
My damn standards force me to write rhymes in Sanskrit
For your grand kids
Cause I'mma be dead and gone...
Before you people even get to understand this
I expanded from an atom to a solar system
With rhymes stronger than Lindsey Lohan's coke addiction
Einstein was my old apprentice
The fabric of time and space gets erased when I fold dimensions
You know I'm hot, you get popped if you don't admit it
N***as at the top get shot, dropped, and over-written
Don't you get it you asshole?
You got to play my records backwards if you want to decode my lyrics
I spit sicker than cobra venom
Flow like the old boats in Venice
The world is a motion picture
And everybody's on the road to riches
I'm living with the crows and pigeons
Not to mention my clothes are ripping
But money means nothing after you die
Only knowledge, wisdom, your soul and spirit are transcending
Now, take a minute to breathe
N***as wanna be lead, then hell give them the leash
I change, what you believe like the Nicene creed
I come from a long list of Merovingian kings
I'd rather, die on my feet than ever live on my knees
I've been rhyming over requiems and symphony beats
And realized, life is an extension of dreams
Electrical signals from a video stream
Go into your brain from a trans-dimensional feed
Now wait, does that make sense?
You could literally be a brain encased in...
A jar wired up to a computer laying on a table in somebody's basement
Crazy ain't it? That's the tip of the iceburg
Wait 'till I discuss quantum mechanical time curves
Cosmological perturbation theory
Will make your professor start guessing, unable to think clearly
You better hear me it's your last chance
You dumb fucks are just stuck in two dimensional flat land
I'm in the jungle, just past the grasslands
Shake hands with the lyrical grassman